Custom Shop

On top of all the standard pedals shown on this site I can also do custom builds for people who having something different in mind. A custom build might be as simple as moving the jack or pot positioning on one of the standard pedals, or a completely new build of a different pedal design to your specs.

If you've seen a classic pedal that you would love to have but can't justify the inflated ebay value then contact me. Chances are I can build you a version of it that is sonically accurate and features modern creature comforts like DC power in a standard adaptor, true-bypass switching and LED indication. This is the way I started building pedals so I have a lot of experience in one-off builds.

The price will vary depending on the complexity of the build and availability of parts but for a guideline please view the standard pedals. For any querys drop me a line at:

Some example of previous custom work: