Modded 808 Tubescreamer - 80

Demo Video

The fabled TS-808 has appeared on countless classic performances and is still as richly loved as it ever has been, with originals fetching pricely sums on the second hand collectors market - however there is nothing magical about this circuit or the parts that make it great - they still make Op-amps, Diodes, Resistors and Capacitors as well as they used to (better in fact in some cases) and great sounding reproductions can be made without any need for snake oil or unobtanium. I build a reproduction of the TS-808 with an added Voice control to change the tonal response and gain character simulataneously to give you more available options, and if you should need it more low-end content to your sound. All the classic Tubescreamer sounds are in this box, along with a few more to add to your sonic palette.

I can also do straight TS808 and TS9 clones as illustrated below


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