RAT/MUFF - 160

Mike's RAT/MUFF Demo Video  

This is the RAT/MUFF two of my most popular pedals in one Dual Drive box giving you bags of great guitar sounds at your feet. On the left side is my recreation of the original ProCo RAT Pedal made famous by so many great records. Complete with the LM308N op-amp chip and a vintage correct circuit it's a powerhouse of great overdriven and distorted sounds. On the right MadeByMike '78 IC Muff pedal (click link for details), my favourite Muff variant, capable of big fat rhythm guitars (dead on the Siamese Dream guitar tone, Corgan used an original IC Muff on the record), flutey lead guitar tones, overdrive and distortion sounds, truly a versatile and addictive pedal.

Both sides of the RAT/MUFF are wired for true bypass, and can be used independently, or together. They complement each other in a quite startlingly fun and inspiring way!


To order send an email to madebymikepedals@googlemail.com