Germanium Fuzz Face - 75

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A popular take on one of the most revolutionary and influential effects of all time, the Fuzz Face turned heads and blew minds, and at the feet of Hendrix and many other guitarists who cut their teeth in the 60s, helped to define this thing called Rock we love so much. This version of the Fuzz Face uses germanium PNP transistors like the originals, and sports the expected Fuzz and Volume controls, along with two other gain and tone shaping controls; Bias and Contour. The Bias control gives you access to the Biasing of the transistors, to guarantee good performance in all weather and temperature conditions, whilst the Contour control adds midrange and harmonic emphasis as it is increased. The overall result is a very versatile Fuzz pedal that you will find yourself playing for hours.

The Fuzz Face is a positive ground pedal, which means that instead of using a standard pair of power rails at Ground (0V) and +9V, it utilises 0V and -9V in order to support the PNP germanium transistors. As a result it cannot be daisy chained with other 'regular' pedals (but can be daisy chained with other positive ground pedals, such as other similar fuzzes). For this reason I do add battery power as a standard cost-free option. I also include a Boss style DC jack input (2.1mm centre negative) and have wired this internally such that you can plug a regular Boss supply into the pedal and power it in isolation. It cannot be daisy chained still but this provides an option if you are without batteries or have a spare adaptor..


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I also can build a more pedalboard friendly DC jack only (no batteries) version of the FuzzFace, as seen below, for the same price as a regular bigger box FuzzFace. In the case of the Germanium, this can be powered by any Boss standard 2.1mm centre negative 9V supply, but not daisy chained with other pedals.