Dist2 - 80

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This is the second half of the pedal duo used on the legendary Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream" record, my modern interpretation of the previously overlooked MXR Distortion II. The original pedal was used by Billy Corgan in conjunction with an IC Big Muff to create the incendiary lead sounds on the record. If the IC Muff generates the rhythm grind on which all the heavier songs are based, it's the Distortion II which pushes things over the top into searing, sustaining lead madness. The original had some intricacies I chose not to replicate, such as a larger footprint, a built in transformer and power cable (no daisy chainability here!), and electronic Boss-style buffered switching; Instead I've taken the heart of the pedal: The Audio Path, and redesigned it for use on a 9V supply (so it can be happily daisy chained with your other pedals) and crammed it into a tiny Hammond B sized box) - with all those original sounds still intact. I really unique sounding mix of overdrive style soft clipping and harder edged distortion sounds, the Dist2 sounds great on it's own or boosting another pedal or amp in the Smashing Pumpkins stylee.

I can build this pedal in both the Larger (Hammond BB) and Smaller (Hammond B) cases for no additional cost, just let me know when you place your order which you'd prefer

Also in the pipeline is the dream box which will feature the Dist2 and the '78 IC Muff in one box.


To order send an email to madebymikepedals@googlemail.com