'78 IC Muff - 80

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This is the Big Muff design used on the legendary Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream" record. It's a completely different circuit topology using Op-Amp chips instead of a series of transistors, and it definitely has its own unique and revolutionary sound. It's a versatile beast too with distortion, fuzz and overdrive sounds all lurking within this box. A tone-bypass switch also allows you to pull the tone stack out of the circuit for a midrich sound for flutey leads or just all out sonic assault. You really have to play one of these to believe it - fantastic pedals.

I can build this pedal in both the Larger (Hammond BB) and Smaller (Hammond B) cases for no additional cost, just let me know when you place your order which you'd prefer


To order send an email to madebymikepedals@googlemail.com

I can also add a mids control to the '78 IC Muff (active only when the tone is not bypassed of course) for 10, as in the Custom example below